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Treat Infectious Poultry Diseases With These Powerful Herbs

Chicken rearing is becoming popular worldwide among small and large scale farmers.The birds are reared for meat and eggs which are rich sources of protein.The birds are raised through free range system by most farmers.

The common challenge among farmers is disease control and management.These two factors raise the cost of rearing chicken.They also limit the profit realized from poultry farming.

Herbs have been used to control and treat poultry diseases.The most deadly disease affecting poultry is Newcastle.Its mortality rate is usually high.This is an acute respiratory disease that spread very fast.The disease affects the nerveous system,digestive system and the respiratory system.

Some herbs have been proven to combat this disease.These herbs includes christmas mellon,aloe vera,red pepper and sisal leaves.

A concortion is prepared from these herbs and given in drinking water.The treatment last for about five days.The same herbs can be given to healthy birds to prevent infections.

Neem tree is also another strong herb in controlling Newcastle disease.Its leaves are crushed and mixed with red pepper together with garlic.Garlic is believed to boost the immunity of the birds.Green papaya leaves can also be used to control internal parasites in chicken.

Newcastle disease is a viral disease which is spread through droppings and feeds.The pathogen causing the disease can stay in dropping for about six months.

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