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Hidden Treasures: Here Are The Reasons Why You Will Soon Rush To Own a Donkey

You will not miss to see a donkey if you travel upcountry .They are usually used by farmers in rural areas as a means of transport to access places with no road connection.

However, research shows that a donkey can give more than what we know. Susana Haddad who is an expert of dietetics in Amman has established that donkeys milk are nutritious and have many associated health benefits to human beings .

According to her, donkey's milk have the potential of allowing regeneration of skin cells . This prevents aging and wrinkling of the skin which is usually seen when one surpasses some years.

Besides, this animal's milk contain various essential minerals . It contains copper, sodium, manganese, zinc , calcium and Iron .All these minerals play various crucial roles within the human body .

It also contains a high percentage of whey .This is an antimicrobial substance which prevents the growth of viruses and bacteria. It is mixed with oils of Olive ,Almond and Coconut alongside Shea butter then used to Donkey's milk soap .This soap is a good moisturizer of the skin .

Content created and supplied by: @Keruge (via Opera News )

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