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The Most Dangerous Tribe In Africa That Kill People And Live In Isolation

There are tribes in the world that are very dangerous and live in isolated areas. One of the most feared tribes in the world and in Africa is the Mursi tribe. They are a Sumric ethnic group found in the Southern part of Ethiopia near the River Omo and Mago National Park. Their neighbors include the Aari, Banna, Mekan, Karo, Kwegu, Nyangatom, and the Suri. Their population is about eleven thousand five hundred people.

The homes of the Mursi's are the most isolated in Ethiopia. The main reason why they are isolated is that they are believed to kill people who visit their community without their knowledge.

The Mursi women are famously known for their wooden lip plate which is a symbol of beauty and identity and unmarried girls wear lip plates when they are in public. They also modify their bodies to avoid people's evil eyes and follow their traditions strictly.

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