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Photos: 3 Animals That Hold Funerals For Their Loved Ones

We've looked at unusual funeral customs from various cultures, but what about funeral practices for animals?

Scientists have noticed that animals appear to experience loss of a loved one in a similar way to how humans do. They have been observed engaging in ceremonies resembling funerals, such as burying the dead and assembling to pay their respects.

Learn about the various tragic animal rituals of grieving that will touch your heart and maybe make you cry.


Of all natural creatures, elephants are the most understanding when it comes to lamenting loss and death. Even elephants that are not related to them as well as other animals and even humans have been found to get their sympathy. They truly appreciate all living things, and we could learn a lot from them.


However, other animals besides people and elephants also pay respects to recently deceased people's bodies. A dead female dolphin was discovered on the seafloor on May 6, 2000, 50 meters from Mikura Island's eastern coast, close to Japan. The body was always accompanied by two adult guys, who only temporarily emerged from the body to breathe.


Chimpanzees appear to mourn their dead and have incredibly sophisticated social networks. Mothers of chimpanzees occasionally carry their dead offspring around for months. Scientists are unsure of the significance of this behavior or whether the chimpanzees truly comprehend that the youngster has died.

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