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Huge Punishment Court Has Slapped The Tsavo East Park Poachers That Has Left Kenyans Surprised

Poaching is an illegal act that is prohibited by the government of Kenya through the Kenya Wildlife Service. For further elucidations, poaching is basically the act of shooting, trapping, taking of game fish, plants or any other wild animal for personal gain from places that are prohibited by the government like game reserves or parks.

Three poachers who were nubbed by the authority in Tsavo East Park after poaching dik-diks amounting to one hundred and eighty seven have faced the wrath of the law of Kenya after the High Court slapped them with a Kshs 2.2 million fine each plus a 16 years jail term.

Kenyans have been surprised upon realizing the Court's ruling as they have reacted angrily to it arguing that the sentence is too harsh to the poachers. What's your opinion concerning the High Court's order? Do you think the fine plus the jail term could have been flexed a little bit? Share with us your suggestions but remember to keep our wild animals safe at all costs.

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