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Animals That Human Beings Fear Most

We have different types of animals is this world. There are those whose nature is feared naturally whereas others are just feared but ain't harmful.

It is not necessary that an animal has to be big for it to be feared,some are just small but dangerous. Take the example of a bee, it's the mother of sweetness but if you want to remain fat the rest of your life,try to disturb this animal.

Ladies are the ones that fear most many if the small animals. More so the ones that have been taken care of in urban areas,when they visit these animals,they find it difficult to be comfortable around them.

Which kind if an animal do you fear? Are you among the big percentage that fear these animals? Let's find out.


Small but disturbs many. Mostly, it is being feared by ladies. This animal seems to be simple but it's a big deal to some of us.

They do change their colour depending on the environment that is surrounding them. Many of us have encountered at least one chameleon and have the story to narrate.

The chameleon might seem to be harmful but in real sense it's not. When it is being disturbed, it can bite but from the recent research it's not harmful to human beings. Therefore we should be friendly to these beautiful creatures.

2. Lizards

It belongs to the class of chameleons. Many people find it difficult to stop fearing this animals. Back in our rural homes,some of us have even carried lizards in our pockets unknowingly to school.

Lizards also fear human beings. If they see a human shadow, they can't wait to for the next step. Also many ladies can't denie that they don't fear this animal.

3. Lions

The most feared animal in this life. It is dangerous but not in all cases.

Some species of lions are friendly to human. They can be tamed but in rare cases in some parts of the world. Otherwise this animal should remain feared for humans safety.

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