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Meet 18-Year-Old Kenyan Photographer Making Millions From Selling Wildlife Images

Dhir Jakharia, an 18-year-old Kenyan photographer, took the internet by storm after sharing beautiful wildlife photos he had taken. The young man has been taking photos of animals in their natural habitat.

He recently shared on Twitter a collage photo of some of his best shots which attracted plaudits from Netizens in Kenyan and around the world for the exemplary work he has been doing.

In the tweet, he asked Netizens to pick the photos from a collection of images. His tweet attracted multiple comments globally, with one fan asking how he managed to do the good work at that tender age.

Unanimously, he was congratulated for taking top quality photos with some advising him to copyright his work and try to monetize as early as now.

A visit to his web page confirmed that the photos would fetch top dollar with a single piece being priced at $600 which loosely translates to Ksh66,174. This included a lion with a bloody mouth with some suggesting it could be the photo of the year.

Jakharia started taking photos at the tender age of just 16. He was born and raised in Kenya and would later realize the value of the country's nature at that young age.

He has been trooping National Parks, where through the beautiful photos, he can tell the country's story through the camera lens.

He however doesn't pocket all the proceedings from his work but he pockets 15 per cent of sales revenue with the rest going to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Content created and supplied by: HelenMalkia (via Opera News )

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