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Animals Sold As Food In West Africa

You've never traveled to Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, or Gabon, where people sell and buy bushmeat for human consumption and other purposes, if you think eating pig is weird.

Fresh bushmeat arrives in open illegal markets almost every morning from diverse merchants bringing all kinds of wild animals. In certain locations, overhunting has pushed these species to the brink of extinction.

Despite the fact that measures have been taken to prevent poaching, many people in the affected countries have turned to it as a source of income. Many of them rely on these animals to survive.

From reptiles like snakes and monitor lizards to primates like monkeys and baboons, these markets are filled of animals that most of us would never contemplate eating.


It is claimed to be the world's most trafficked mammal in the wildlife trade because to the wide range of needs. This dish is quite expensive in China, yet it is sold in Africa for spiritual and traditional healing.


Pythons and other venomous snakes are sought for their flesh and skin, and their blood is consumed for medicinal purposes by some people.


Rats, mice, squirrels, and beavers are among the creatures killed and sold for their flesh, which is said to be higher in protein than beef or mutton. The list continues on and on, and none of these animals are hunted or sold without first having a veterinarian check them. As a result, diseases like ebola and SARS have become more prevalent, which people contract by eating them.


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