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Forget Covid-19; WHO Has Revealed Another Worst Disaster That Is Killing Millions of People, So Sad

Covid-19 is a deadly disease which is normally transmitted from one person to another. Furthermore, the disease have killed millions of people around the world and many are still in hospital.

Apart from this deadly disease, another new details have emerge about another disaster that is taking lives of innocent people around the world.

According to the source, WHO have broke the silence again and revealed that air pollution is the biggest environment threats to human beings causing 7 millions premature deaths a year.

Furthermore, the organization have revealed that urgent actions are needed to reduce air pollution in the world .

Some cause of air pollution according to WHO include;

1. Transport

2. Agricultural practices.

3. Dust

4. Waste management .

Furthermore, air pollution normally cause respiratory infection and aggravated asthma in children. In adults, it causes coronary heart disease and other diseases.

So it means everyone should be responsible and reduce air pollution as much as possible in the country to reduce this disaster.

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