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"From Waste To Fish Ponds" Check Out Royal Photos Of Backyard Fish Ponds Made Using Waste Tires.

Fish is an aquatic vertebrate that belongs to the class pisces. Fishes were traditionally caught in the wild habitats such as lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, oceans and seas. In recent times, many people have realized the capacity to keep fish in ponds. The practice of rearing fish in ponds is called opisciculture or aquaculture.

Various species of fish are kept in different areas depending on the prevailing ecological conditions such as type of water, soil, air, etc. For example, some species of tilapia require freshwater bodies while others needs salt water bodies for maximum growth and development.

This article vividly describes how wastes tires are used to make backyard fish ponds. In normal circumstances, tractor tires are commonly used to make such fish ponds because they are very spacious and therefore, can accommodate relatively more number of fish.

Used tractor tires are trimmed (cut) into shapes using drillers and hacksaws. The cut out parts are removed. After trimming the tire into a desirable shape, a round hole is dug for fitting the tire firmly into the ground in your backyard land. Both inlet and outlet pipes are installed to supply and remove water respectively. You can carry out fencing to keep off predators and trespassers from interfering with operations in your fish pond. Introduction of fingerlings is done after high level of security is achieved in the pond. Some of the aquatic plants known as phytoplankton like green algae are introduced into the system (water in the tire) to maintain ecologists balance i.e ensure smooth energy flow in the food chain.

This method of recycling used car tires to make fish ponds act as one of the best methods in mitigating environmental degradation caused by haphazard disposal of such wastes. This technique is also very advantageous because the farmer can sell surplus yield after harvesting the fish. This enables the farmer to earn income.

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