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Famous Nairobi Game Park Iconic Lion Called "Kitili" Dies While in the Battlefield

Photo Courtesy of Kitili Lion.

Nairobi Game Park is the only national park in the whole world that is situated near a city. The game park is the home of hundreds of wild birds and animals including the big five. Thousands of local and international tourists together with their families and friends flock to the city game park to enjoy the magical beauty of the country's wildlife.

According to a reliable source, the park has lost one of its iconic lions named "Kitili" while on the battlefield with other lions. Kitili who was well identified by his eyes after he lost one eye was reportedly died while fighting with other lions in the field. Kitili died at an age of 9 years leaving behind his territory and pride "Athi".

Many people have "eulogized" Kitili with lovely tributes for being a legend of the Nairobi National Park throughout the 9 years.

"Born in Kingfisher pride 9 years ago, he lost his left eye at an early age. Kitili is son of the famous Mohawk who fell victim to human - wildlife conflict. Kitili, a king who ruled Athi pride for many years, spread his lineage, secured his territory to his last breath, and died as a warrior. Kitili the lion and many others who make Nairobi National Park that special place. Farewell Kitili . You will be missed," Hersi mourns Kitili.

@Rashid Nzambu; Considering that life expectancy for lions of the wild is up to 16yrs, Katili has died young!

@Irene Ochieng; Sad day for us as NAT Geo family rip king katili.


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