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5 Biggest Trees on Earth

On the Earth, there are big and massive living organisms. Trees are among the living organisms. The giant heights of these trees are widest, tallest and thickest. This is the list that shows five different tree species from around the world.

Rullah Longatyle

Rullah Longatyle is the biggest Eucalyptus Regans tree species in the world. The tree species is also known Eucalyptus Globulus Labill. Rullah Longatyle is a word that means a strong woman.

This tree is found in Tasmania, Australia. This type of tree is the second largest tree in Australia, in terms of volume of the trunk. The tree trunk volume is 370 cubic meters.

The Douglas Fir Tree

The Douglas Fir Tree is also called red creek fir. As per now, Fir tree is more than 1,000 years old. The Douglas Fir Tree has a maximum diameter of 4.2 metres and the height is 74 metres. This type of tree is found in Vancouver Island.

Tane Mahuta

Tane Mahuta tree is 516 cubic meters by volume. This tree is also known as Agathis Australis. It is found in Northern region of New Zealand Waipoua Forest. Tane Mahuta tree age ranges between 1,200 years to 2,000 years.

The Giant Sequoia

The Giant Sequoia is also known as conifers. It grows on the slopes of Sierra Nevada. Most of the Sequoiadendron Giganteum tree grows more than 300 feet.

In Sierra, there are 70 groves of Sequoia. 33 out of the 70 groves are found in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. These sequoias have the largest volume of the total wood. The biggest Sequoiadendron tree is called General Sherman. The tree is found in the Giant Forest Grove.

The Monkey Pod Tree

The Monkey Pod tree is very known as it has a massive shade. The tree is located in tropical America. The diameter crown of the monkey pod is two hundred feet. The wood of this tree can be changed into carvings, bowls or platters. 

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