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10 Unusual things in the World that can still Impress us

Heres an albino turtle whose heart is located not inside but outside its chest. The tortoise is not only unique but is also adorable

Wolf eels eat red sea urchins, so their teeth start resembling rose quartz. They are a species of wolfish from the North Pacific.

The tallest bodybuilder, Oliver Richards, at McDonalds in the Philippines, he looks gigantic.

This is a ghost plant that doesn't need sunlight and gets energy from flora which its growing on. In return, the plant produces and nourishes the one its growing on with nutrients.

This motorcycle cover is totally confusing for the eyes and is the perfect protection against theft.

The worlds first holographic display can make photos come to life and also helps us study 3D models in detail.

This image shows you how human beings can be creative especially in arts, this is a gorilla made from nails

These are shrimp and they are actually glowing. The reason is just simple; they glow because they have eaten bioluminescent plankton.

This is not some kind of pasta, is just the way hair looks right after a highlighting cap is removed

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