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Check The Plants With Human and Animal Features

Vegetation found on the earth surface plays different roles.Plants are known balance the carbon cycle and clean the air. It is very dangerous to cut down trees without replacing them. Plants are also important in water cycle. Trees prevent soil erosion by protecting the soil against water droplets. Their roots also hold soil particles together and reduce the speed of run off water. Plants have other benefits like attracting tourists and making the environment beautiful.

The Cape sandew and the Porcupine tomato are one of the invasive species of plants in their native areas. These are the most unique plants in the world with quick fast propagation. The plants are found in the South Africa and has long narrow leaves.

Some plants are so unique that they have human and animal characteristics. The plant below have flowers resembling a face of a monkey.

Hydnora is a weird plant has an offensive stench that beckons beetles.This plants has an habit of trapping beetles and sometimes keeping them with any harm.This plant is parasitic and is found in the southern Africa.

Harmer orchid is a parasitic plant from Australia and other parts of the world. It produces pheromone which changes the behaviour of a creature of similar species. The male wasp is beckoned by it thinking it is a female wasp. It is then trapped by the plant and covered with pollen.This is the most strangest plant in the world. Thank you for having your time to read this article please share and like for more updates.

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