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The Rarest Types of Birds in the World

There are numerous types of birds on Earth.There are other types of birds which are very rare and are only endemic to certain regions.Some of these rare types of birds include;

*The Kakapo-it is a species of large,flightless, nocturnal ground swelling parrot of the super family Strigopoidea.They are endemic to Newzealand and are loners who never leave their territory and nibble seeds,plants and fruits the ground.

*Blue eyed ground dove-it is a species of bird of the family Columbidae and are endemic to the Cerrado region of Brazil.They have shimmering blue eyes which match the spots on their wings and are the rarest and the most endangered doves in the World.

*New Caledonian Owlet Nightjar.-this species of birds is endemic to the region of New Caledonia which is in the South Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia.They are black with grey stripes,a long slightly rounded tail,short rounded wings and long stout legs.

*CEBU flowerpecker-it is a small type of bird endemic to Cebu island in the Philippines.Flowerpeckers are frugivorous which means they ear only fruits and seeds and is among the rarest species of birds in the World.

*The Golden Pheasant-also called the Chinese pheasant,it is a gamebird of the order Galliformes and the family Phasianidae.They have a golden Crest and rumo and a bright red body.

*Imperial Amazon-also known as the sisserou it is a type of parrot found only in the Caribbean islands of Dominica.They are good climbers and flyers with strong wings and prefer to perch on top of trees.

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Chinese Earth.There Galliformes Kakapo-it sisserou


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