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Climate Change African Solution

Climate change is a longterm shift in weather conditions, identified by changes in temperature , precipitation, wind and other indicators.

1. Use of sustainable means of transport especially on road.

For Citizens -

Cycle, walk more and use public transport like popularly known as Matatu's in east Africa.

For Governments.

More infrastructure promoting cycling, walking, shared transportation and less air travel. No more investments on fossil fuels.

2. Forestation

For Citizens -

Plant a tree and for each you cut plant two. Avoid and protest programs which lead to deforestation.

For Governments -

Protect and increase forested areas. Promote and provide for initiatives which are planting trees and protecting forested areas. Punish lawbreakers on this area.

3. Eat less meat & Dairy products.

Livestock farming is one of the main source of greenhouse gases

For Citizens -

I know this is hard but its something you can do personally. Just reduce the amount you consume per month.

For Governments -

Simple, Control and start scaling down mass livestock farming.

4. Changing Farming Methods.

For Citizens -

Avoid fertilizers & other various agricultural practices which emit greenhouse gases like methane & nitrous oxide. Don't use pesticides or any chemicals which harm other crops or animals.

For Governments -

Promote green & sustainable agricultural practices. Ban or restrict use of agriculture products which are harmful to environment or nature.

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