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If You See A Gecko In Your House, Please Don't Kill It

Small animals, by their very nature, enjoy running about, and you will always find them in your home. They can be harmful or beneficial in any way. A gecko is a small animal that is both helpful and threatening.

A gecko is a form of reptile that lives on land and in water. The majority of the time, you'll find them on your walls. According to research, the skin of the gecko is toxic, but the gecko itself is not poisonous and cannot hurt humans. The only way a human can be harmed is if they have a panic attack or eat the gecko's skin accidentally. Other types of geckos will make you sick.

Don't kill a gecko if you find one in your home. This creature is considered a symbol of good luck in Hawai'i. They even help to keep pests like cockroaches and houseflies out of your home. 

The disadvantage of geckos is that if you kill one, you will attract bad luck. Geckos are a powerful sign of optimism and vitality. Rebirth is a theme in their life cycle.

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