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Starving lion caught in an animal shed but it is too week to even kill a goat

In Namibia residence of a small village called kunene which is located near a national park where amazed when they woke up in the morning only to find a wild lion lying inside an animal shed. The lion was to frail to even kill small goats in the shed.

The lion is believed to be from a Hugab lion pride in the national park. Due to persistent drought most animals in the area are starving to death. Because the Lions cannot run after preys in the national park, they have opted to sneak at night into the village in order to kill and eat other domestic animals like cows, sheep's and goats.

The incident has been occuring many times of late in the area. Report has it that the pride of animals is quickly shrinking as many Lions go for months without eating anything hence they are starving.

When the Lions get into the shed, some cannot even climb short fences, and while others can manage to climb into the animal shed, they lack strength to kill even a baby goat. The villagers did not even bother to kill it instead they sympathized with the animal.

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Hugab Lions Namibia


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