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Drone Captures An Armed Bandit As It Exposes How They Hide In Bushy Terrains During Raids (Video)

A drone operator In Laikipia has exposed how bandits hide themselves in bushy terrains during banditry attacks which have rocked parts of Laikipia,in an exclusive drone video shared in social via Robert Alai's post it was disclosed that bandits usually hide in places they are well aware of,at first the bandit was left thinking whether to shoot the drone or run,later he thought for sometime until he decided to run away from the drone heading towards the direction he was coming from,immediately after he entered some bushy area he disappeared and the drone could not trace him anymore.

Kenyans who saw the video applauded the individual who was operating it by saying he was so courageous in giving finer details on how bandits operate,they asked relevant authorities to start investing in such technology so that they can tame bandits in Laikipia,its two months now since bandits attacked Laikipia residents leaving them without homes while others were left without livestock.

Leaders from the community have been urging politicians to step in and allow herders to start feeding their livestock's in the near by green fields that border Laikipia conservancy.

Here is the link yo the video

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