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Tired of Stick Fleas in Your Farm? Check the Surest Way to Kill Them Overnight


Flea infections are difficult to prevent because of young fleas survive in the poultry house and attach to the chicken when they become adults. Brooding hens should be treated if they have fleas so that the infection of chicks is reduced.

Domestic animals such as dogs, having contact with poultry should be treated at the same time. Avoid using insecticides in treating stick fleas since some of these insecticides have got long term effects.

How to kill Stick Fleas Overnight

Use kerosene to kill chicken fleas. Some farmers have successfully used a few drops of kerosene on the head of the chicken while others have even use greese with success.

Kenyan farmers are known to very experimental and often there are alot of non textbook solutions to some of challenges farmers face.

When applying paraffin you should be extremely careful since the all petroleum products are flammable.

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Kenyan Stick Fleas


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