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Animals That Emotionally Mourn, Cry For The Dead One Just Like Human Beings [PHOTOS]

Have you ever imagined that it is not only human beings that mourn when they lose one of there own but also other animal species also do the same.

If not then this short piece of article is meant for you as I am going to inform you about an animal species that do death rituals just as human beings do it.

And so it is not only humans beings that do have death rituals when they lose one of there own. 

Becouse scientists have generally done study and have observed that animals seem to mourn after the loss of a loved one like humans do it.

But not all animals have the same death rituals as human beings have the same ritual as animal rituals cary from species to species.

Records have it that most animals do funerals but elephants are well known for this act as they grieve their loved ones just as human beings do.

It is known that  Elephants are some of the most emotionally intelligent animals that exist in our environment.

Actually elephants do most of there things just as human beings as they are known to live in communities with hierarchies, families and self-awareness.

In addition they also use tools, mimic sounds, solve problems and even play to amuse themselves and several other human like acts.

Elephants have also been always been documented in different films grieving and doing funeral rituals.

In that upon seeing the bones or carcass of another elephant, a group of elephant will stop and investigate them, even if the elephant was unrelated to the group. 

They even produce tears when they become excited or stressed. Though it is not known whether this is always an emotional reaction or merely a biological one.

Despite this fact, it is always rarely for elephants to cry at the death or body of another elephant.

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