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10 Most Food Secure Countries In Africa, The Secret Kenya And Other Countries Can Learn From Them.

Food Security refers to the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. It's literally the measure of the availability of food and individuals ability to access it. A country's food security is oftened improved or determined mainly by the level of Agricultural practices and also the political will of the government to prioritize food by providing necessary support in the agricultural sector at large. It is also combined with use of new crop and food production technologies which has enableded some countries in Africa to ease the menace of food insecurity.

Below are the ranked top 10 most food secure countries in Africa based on their food security score, sourced from the African Countries Benchmark Report (ACBR). ACBR uses several measures of a country's food security situations to determine it's food security score which includes Health indicators, the percentage of malnourished children, includes children suffering from stunting growth due to improper nutrition and they also provide a good view of a country's overall food situation.

Country. ACBR Food Security Score.

1. Tunisia. 68.20

2. Mauritius. 67.33

3. Morocco. 64.38

4. Algeria. 63.86

5. Egypt. 60.03

6. Gabon. 58.87

7. South Africa. 57.88

8. Ghana. 53.57

9. Senegal. 52.16

10. Namibia. 51.42

There are some aspects that the above listed countries have in common, they all have a democratic government and none of them are geographically landlocked. These countries have key determining factors that our Country Kenya and other African countries who are not in the top ten can learn them to improve their food security status. First, the democratic government they have has enabled the government to be committed to the needs of the voters by being more attentive to citizen's food security. Secondly, the above mentioned countries are at peace and has enabled the government to be committed and accountable to national expenditures oriented to food security as well as other national developments. Absence of conflicts and civil wars also means they get more foreign investors who venture into lucrative businesses without any worries and panic, the economy is strengthened and citizens are provided with more and better quality goods.

The third aspect is that these nations have been perennial exporters working with different markets, and movement of food stuffs have been going on for centuries. Such trade has assured them availability of food when maybe the local crops are affected by natural disasters.

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