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Where Desert Meets The Sea

In Namibia's coast,also South West of Angola lies an extremely beautiful product of nature,the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean,Namibia has longest Africa's atlantic coast.

It's one of the driest places on the planet that is because the cold current in the Atlantic ocean cools the air above the water and then the wind blows the fog on land over the desert.

It has nothing except high sand dunes, grovel plains and barren mountains.Apparently it is not a suitable place for inhabitants but either way living things such as Ostriches,Rodents, Antelopes and some Birds have managed to adapt there very well,Namib desert gets it's water from the fog that is how animals and other living things survive on it,they get seasonal water.

Namib desert has nearly a thousand miles of coastline and when the wind blows it leaves a stark yet very beautiful landscape.

Our Motherland Africa is truly magical

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