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Here Is How To Survive A Lion Attack. Photos

Visiting wildlife reserves is an exciting thing. Visiting parks and reserves to see wildlife has become a common thing. Despite this being an interesting adventure, it comes along with its dancers. Though some lions run away when they see people, some can chose to attack you. There are some tricks you can use to avoid an attack from lions. Below are some of them.

1. When you encounter a lion don't panic. When you are not panicking, you will be thinking straight and it can help save your life.

2. Never run when you see a lion. Take your ground and show the lion that you are some kind of threat. Turn so that you and the lion face each other. Clap, shout and even wave your hands as you face the lion. This will make the lion see you to be big.

3. When retreating from the lion, do it slowly. Remember not to turn your back on the lion. Retreat backwards or slowly sideways without running. By running, the lion can sense your fear and attack.

4. Be ready once more. As you retreat, the lion might still attack you. If it does, shout as loudly as you can and raise your hands. After it turns away, stop and walk away sideways.

5. If the lion attacks you, aim for the face with confidence. Don't be weak as the lion fights you. Even when you are not sure that you can not defeat it fight back. Hit the eyes and the head. The cat is probably stronger than you are but hitting him on this parts can make him retreat.

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