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Reasons Why A Rooster Faint After Mating

Here are reasons why a rooster faint after mating.

1.It strain so much in mating.It takes most of time to mate than the time it spends on eating or resting.You find it mating everytime and each and every hen in the house.

2.It is sick.Sickness in hen or a rooster can affect its reproductive system and therefore it can not reproduce easily.When a rooster mate while it is sick, it can faint or die after mating.

3.It mates many hens.You may find it has mated many hens in the house.This occur when you find only one rooster in the house and many hens.

4.There is no enough food in the house.There is no enough food to provide it with enough.Mating process require a lot of energy because more energy is required in the process of spermatogenesis.

5.It mates before it has matured.It mates while it is young.It has not adapted to mating and its energy is wasted making it to faint or die.

6.It is her first time to mate and it occur when it mates many hens at first time.Some roosters have high excitement when they have known on how to mate. They can mate everytime at first time and it can faint die.

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