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How to Make Rat Poison Using An Expired Battery Cell

You don't have to go through the trouble of buying rat poison from a store when you can make a homemade posion. The remedy will require you to use an old battery cell like the one used to light a torch. You will also require to have a bait like a piece of meat like fish which will catch the attention of the rats.

The first step is to remove the outer coating of the dry cell so that you can have access to the material inside. The black material is poisonous and you are advised not to touch it with bare hands.

The next step is to pluck off the black material and place it on a container or on top of a piece of paper. Get the bait and ensure to apply the black material all over it. The pieces of meat to use will depend on how many rats you estimate to be in your house.

Distribute the poison in different sections of your house especially where the rats hide. Check after some time so that you can collect dead rats for disposal.

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