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Strangest Creatures in the Amazon Forest

-Amazon rainforest is world's largest tropical rainforest covering much of northern Brazil and extending into Colombia,Peru and other south American countries.

1.Peanut Head Bug.

Its a insect looking like a peanut and showing false eyes to resembles that of a lizard or a serpent,they feed on the sap of plants and they are generally camouflage.2. Potoo.

These are nocturnal insectivorous which bristles the mouth in the true nightjars,hunt from perch like a shrike of flycatcher,they are camouflaged to look like part of the stump.

3.Electric Eel.

Its has 3 pairs of abdominal organs that produces electricity:the main organ,hunter's organ and sachs' organ-These organs make up four fifths of the body,and gives the electric eel the ability to generate two types of electric organ discharges;the low and high voltage,these organs are made of electrocytes which generates electric current when it finds its prey.

4.Glass Frog.

These r frogs which its internal viscera including the heart,liver and gastrointestinal tract are visible through the skin,they live in the trees and only come out for mating season.

5.Poison Dart Frog.

They look adorable but with their skin glands they store an alkaloid toxin making them too deadly to touch.They are known for being one of deadly animals on earth.

6.Fishing Bat.

The bat uses echolocation to detect water ripples made by the fish upon which it preys,then uses the pouch between its legs to scoop the fish up and its sharp claws to catch and cling to it.7.Jesus Lizard.

Its known for its miraculous act of moving on top of water on its body above the surface of water and upright.8.Anaconda.

Its biggest snake in the world,like other snakes ,they can detach their jaws to swallow a prey much larger.

Is a constrictor snake,and kills by wrapping its body all around its prey and crushing them death.

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