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Birds That Can Fly More Than 100km Per Hour.

Although man has made inventions that can clock high speeds, nature has gifted some animals with incredible speeds. The cheetah is the fastest animal on land and can run up to 100 kilometers per hour but overall the peregrine falcon is the fastest bird and animal in the world. Having cleared that out let us take a look at some of the fastest birds in the world.

1.Peregrine Falcon.

The bird is the fastest animal in the sky and it can fly and dive at a maximum speed of 389 kilometers per hour. When hunting the bird flies very high in the sky and then dives on its prey killing it instantly. It is adapted to feeding on smaller birds but mostly ducks and pigeons.

2.Saker Falcon.

The falcon is mostly a hunter and feeds on rodents such as squirrels and other smaller birds of prey. The saker falcon can fly and dive at a top speed of over 320 kilometers per hour. All Falcons are among the fastest animals in the world and were used in the past as hunting partners. They can live more than 20 years.

3.Golden Eagle.

Eagles are usually birds of heights and spend most of their time soaring in the sky. Golden eagles have enormous wings and can fly at maximum airspeeds of up to 322 kilometers per hour. They are excellent hunters that can hunt almost anything from large insects to huge animals such as deers and some members of the dog family. They can live up to 30 years.

4.Common Swift.

This bird is even more interesting because apart from flying at high speeds it has another marvel. The common swift can remain in flight without stopping for almost 10 months. During migration, these bird flies to new continents at high speeds without stopping. It even has short sleeping periods during flight and feeds on insects while still in flight. The bird can fly at a speed of 166 kilometers per hour.

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