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Two Men are Dramatically Chased by a Leopard on Their Way to a Birthday Party

Leopards are some of the most dangerous wild animals out there and if they feel threatened, they can be quite aggressive. They are very fast as well and an attempt to successfully evade them in a run is very not very likely.

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Two men in India are counting themselves lucky after a Leopard chased them for 500 meters. The two men are said to have been headed to a birthday party when the animal began chasing them.

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Luckily, the two men were carrying a birthday cake which they were taking to the party. One of them threw the cake at the leopard and as soon as it hit the leopard, it backed off.

Wild animals are a common occurrence in India where the people have encroached on the animals' habitat. This is why there are so many run ins with with wild animals in India. Lucky for these two, they walked away with their lives.

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