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3 Most Dangerous Lakes In Africa

Lake Nyos

Lake Nyos is found in Cameroon. The lake is one of the most dangerous lakes in the world. It has concentrated carbon dioxide that took the lives of 1746 people and livestock living in the nearby village. The gas travelled through the water in high concentration killing them on the spot. This makes it one of the deadly volcanic lakes in the world

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is located in Republic of Congo. Here, if there's any type of volcanic activity, or even the slightest of earthquakes can cause the lake to explode killing of people nearby. The explosion occur because of carbon dioxide and methane in the water.

Lake Natron

Lake Natron is found in Tanzania. The red water has very high pH so high alkalinity that can calcify animals and humans into stone. The lake can burn skin or corrode. But despite the danger, animals and birds rely the water for survival. It's the breeding ground for flamingos as they breed on the salty water. 

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