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3Most Effective Chemicals That Delays Filling-Up Of Your Pit Latrine

The reason for using pit latrine digester chemicals is to completely lower the solid waste in the pit, crush diapers and toilet tissues, prevent the breeding and the infestation of flies and finally reduce or eradicate bad odor. Below is compiled list of the best pit latrine chemicals that are most effective.

Bio-pit digester chemical;

This is an all-purpose chemical that is used to un-clog pipes or clear blockages by preventing solid waste fill-ups, it also repels flies and refreshes the environment. Through the help of a professional, you can also apply this chemical in your septic tank, portable toilets and bio-production tanks. This chemical consists of ingredients that destroys Diapers, Nylon papers and Condoms.

Pit latrine digester;

This chemical is most efficient in destroying human waste, its best used at the interval of three months. The chemical contains ingredients that cleanses pungent smell, prevents flies from breeding and kills germs.

Flush pit chemical;

Flush pit is an environmentally friendly chemical that is non-toxic and prevents clogging. It also clears germs, maggots and sludge. To get good results, just pour 1kg of it into your pit latrine and treat it consistently for a duration of three months. This chemical contains disinfectant perfume that refreshes bad smell.

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