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3 People On Earth Who Killed A Lion With Bare Hands

Lions belong to the cat family which is well known for feeding on other animals and even people. Over the years a lot of people have been attacked and killed by lions in different places. However, other tribes such as the Maasai community which lives in Kenya and Tanzania are well known for killing these dangerous animals.

In the Bible, you have also had different stories about people killing lions using their bare hands. In this piece am going to share with you the only three people mentioned in the Bible that killed lions using their bare hands.

A valiant young man named Kabze el-Be-naah, the son of Johor-a-da, lived in Kabze el-Be-naah, the son of Johor-a-da, and he did great feats throughout his brief existence on Earth. His two Aikel boys were killed one day in winter, and he entered a lake to kill the Lion that same day.

Although the Egyptian held a spear in his hand, the lion attacked him with a rod, took the spear from his grasp, and killed him with his wearing." You can read the entire story using the link provided below.

The second person that is mentioned in the Bible is the great Samson. Samantha traveled to Timnah with her kid. As he nears the Timnah vineyards, have a look at him. They were stalking him. Despite God's command, the young man shaved his head's hair because it was the source of his strength. then, inspired by the Spirit of Jehovah, it was split into two like a young sheep is split by its soothsayer, But he kept it a secret from his father. This story can be found in the book of Judges chapter 15 verses 5 to 6.

lastly, the third person that killed a lion in the Bible is David. The story of Samuel killing a lion using his bare hands is found in the book of Samuel chapter 17 verses 34-36.

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