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Poisoning honey that caused death after eating and preparing some local brews with it

Revealed: What could be poisoning honey resulting to deaths

While the debate on four deaths that haveresulted from victims eating honey in thararka nithi county-tharaka south sub-county is ongoing , the global_newz has endeavoured to engage expert in agriculture to try find out what could have caused these deaths and honey related to stomach discomfort

on our visit to tharaka nithi county agriculture offices ,we made an exclusive interview chat with Mr. Joel Gitonga Korea , an officer in charge of livestock production department in tharaka south -sub_ county in our bid to find answers to pulzle of the recent deaths resulting from honey.

Gitonga told this writer that bees do not fetch nector which is the raw material in preparing honey from contaminated flowers which can be said to resulting to the related to the poisoining.

in case the bee happened to be contaminated for instance through being sprayed by the farmer, gitonga saidsuch bee do not manage to get back to their respective hives since they die on the as result of chemicals.

In case the contaminated bees get into the hives in their condition ,the agriculture expert explained that they finally die inside the hives and are there after disposed of by the other worker bees through aprocess that might leave the worker bees contaminated also leading to multiple deaths.

contaminated by contact

''while farmers are in process of checking their bees hives, they may realize adeaad cluster of bees. This means afarm nearby was sprayed with harmful chemicals and in process of pulling out dead bees that were in the farm, the work bees got contaminated by contact and ended up followingup suit Gitonga explained.

He added that pure honey being in the class of reducing sugars such as sucrose,fructose and glucose , it should not cause any stomach discomfort but it should conform to the body requirement which should not have any effect to the body.

However, he said there are some instances where some stomach discomfort may be experienced after ones has taken honey.

One, he said one may experience some stomach -aches in case the honey is unripe for consumption.This kind of honey according to Gitonga has not completed the whole process that bees take the honey through in the beehives before it is ready for harvesting.

Therefore , unripe honey consist of nectars from various flowers which could be having different aspect of discomfort to the body which is most common with honey eaters.

Korea .

Content created and supplied by: global_newz (via Opera News )

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