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Governor Roba plant trees at the Mandera Military Barracks.

At times when everyone is preoccupied with COVID-19 impact, insecurity and economic hardships it is refreshing to see part of the executive and the military take some time off to plant trees. This is an enviable gesture which goes a long way in helping the environment and does not cost the local population a single Cent. 

Governor Ali Roba and the leadership of the 25th Mechanized Infantry Battalion currently based at Mandera planted 250 trees at the Military base yesterday. Here is why this exercise was important.

Mandera is one of the least forested counties in the world. In addition to increasing the tree cover in Mandera, which the entire region benefits from, other environmental and social benefits also acrue like shade, fruits, forage, honey, soil conservation and home for birds.

I would urge the Governor to make this a common feature of his administration and also include local schools in tree planting exercises, to educate the youngest in our society on the importance of the environment and nature conservation.

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