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Deadliest Birds on the Planet that you should know

Most birds bring peace and joy to our planet while some can cause us a fair bit of annoyance. Thise birds causes nothing but trouble to their fellow animals and even humans, some times even resulting in death,some of this birds include.

1 cassowary

This is a Deadly Bird and before you get too close to it you have first to think twice, with a height of five feet and a weight of up to 175 pounds makes it the second largest bird in the world,they also have a powerful kick as their method of attack, they can also be fiercely turn aggressive when disturbed, also there have been some report saying that thise birds have caused two humans death.

2. The Australian Magapie

Thise birds are very dengereus and during their nesting period the Magapie are known to become highly aggressive, while their behavior is well meant you can't go near anyone of them while they're protecting their best,

Many incidents of this birds attacking humans are common that pedestrians are recommend to wear wide brimmed hats or carry umbrellas during Magapie breeding season.

Do you know any other Deadly Bird?

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Deadly Bird


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