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8 Famous Celebrities Who Are Not Allowed to Enter Other Countries and the Reasons Behind It

Celebrities may have it all but when it comes to accessing other countries, net worth and status becomes worthless. Government official don’t joke around when deciding who gets in and who doesn’t.

Some of these celebs were denied the entry permit because of their wardrobe, past bad behaviour, or even what they voiced their support for something that certain country is against.

Take a look at these famous individuals who can’t set their foot in some countries despite their stardom.

Selina Gomez

Social media influencer, actress, and musician Selina Gomez might be a superstar but she can’t enter 2 countries. Selina is banned from entering China because she shared a photo of her and Dalai Lama online back in 2012 and this angered China.

The second country is Russia. The reason behind her ban is because of her support for gay rights.


The beautiful and talented singer is the world icon but despite it all she is not allowed to enter Malaysia. Back in 2019, she had a show in Malaysia but decided to cancel it because of the conditions she was given.

First, she was not supposed to dance and secondly, her outfit was considered inappropriate for the country because of their strict religious beliefs.

Jay Z

Beyonce husband Jay Z is also in the list. The billionaire and the iconic rapper got himself in trouble with the government of China back in 2006 after the lyrics in his song was portrayed to have many bad language. The show he was supposed to hold in Shanghai was cancelled.

Justin Bieber

We all know singer Justin became famous at a very young age and he had a bad behaviour. The Sorry hit maker was banned from entering Argentina. The reason behind his ban was because he was accused of disrespecting the Argentina national flag in 2013 and also he got into an altercation with a photographer while in the country.


Well, musician Akon got himself in a hot soup after his music video which showed him enjoining a pool party, with a Buddha statue in the background angered millions especially in Sri Lanka. People protested and he was banned from entering Sri Lanka despite offering an apology.

Harrison Ford

The talented actor became enemy of China after he voiced his support for Tibet. Tibet is a small country where spiritual leader Dalai Lama came from. He is banned to enter China.

Lady Gaga

The famous singer Lady Gaga actions considered to be inappropriate in some countries such as Indonesia. In 2012 she cancelled her show in the country after massive protest against her.

Miley Cyrus

In 2009, singer and actress Miley angered millions of people of Asia descent after she shared a photo of herself online with what appeared to be slanted eyes. Her action made her loss an entry permit in China.


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