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The Painful Episodes In The Soap Opera “The General's Daughter”

The general's daughter is a Philippine telenovela tv show that was released in 2019. The movie has many emotional episodes that can easily make you cry if you watch it with a lot of keenness, There are many moral lessons that we can learn from it.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the moral lessons that we learn from it. The moral lessons are as follows.

1. It is painful to imagine losing your loved ones.

When Rihan Bonifacio's mother who was called Corazon De Leon, who was a wife to Marcial De Leon saw the news on television that her husband Marcial De Leon and her daughter Rihan Bonifacio who was taken away from her twenty years ago, we’re involved in a boat explosion when they were fighting Santiago Guerrero’s men.

The explosion was so massive that the witnesses never imagined that they could survive. Corazon De Leon was informed of the tragedy which had befallen his family, she went to the seen to witness such a shocking news. She reached the seen just in time when some dead bodies have been recovered from the lake.

Corazon cried so painfully as she opens the coverings of the dead bodies in order to identify her beloved husband and daughter's corps. Unfortunately their bodies were not among those that had been recovered. Thankfully the two survived the tragedy.

2. Franco Segesmundo witnessed his father being killed in front of him.

Franco Segesmundo is one of the main character who acted as Rihan Bonifacio's boyfriend, he was part of general Santiago Guerrero's syndicate gang together with his father Armando Segesmundo . Later on Franco changed his ways and Left the syndicate gang but his father Armando Segesmundo remained loyal to the gang. Franco tried everything possible to convince his father to quit the gang but he totally refused.

But later on Armando was betrayed by his own gang group when the army found their hiding base, Franco Segesmundo also accompanied the army in that incident. Santiago Guerrero was the leader of the gang shot dead Franco Segesmundo's father. Franco cried bitterly. The pain of losing his father vwas unbearable.

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