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Husband and wife relationship

Zora Citizen TV: Zora Leaves Fella Speechless After Revealing All Her Secrets To Him

Fella who is Zora's husband thought that everything was back to normal after seeing the mother of her child Simba settling in marriage until Madiba came between them. Before I reveal to you how Zora revealed the way she truly feel about him, allow me to remind you what had happened earlier. Recently, Zora lost strength of restraining himself towards Madiba since she loves him so deeply. However, every step she made resulted to an obstacle. She landed into a state of confusion not knowing whether to stick in marriage or remain with Madiba. After receiving some advice she decided to break up with him even if she loves him.

Back to our today's topic, just in the upcoming episode, you will see Zora having a very serious conversation with her husband ' I decided to be with you again because of my son Simba not because I love you. After you broke my heart, I have never brought myself to love you may be just one or two percent. But while I was away someone occupied my heart but I want you to help me to love you again since that is what I yearn for. ' These bitter words from Zora pierced his heart. It was hard to accept that after all his efforts Zora didn't love him.

If you will manage to see how Zora was taking to her legal husband, you will realize that it was actually for her heart. The truth is that if her husband won't be able to rekindle the love that existed between them before, she will get back to Madiba. My beloved reader, if you were in Zora's situation, will you prefer to follow what is in your heart or what is on your mind? Leave your opinion in the comment section below. Thank you for being my reader.

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