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Dj MO Opens Up In front of His Wife.

The interview which was done few days ago did show that there is a lot which people may not be aware about the most Romantic , loving , and famous family . The Muraya's family . That's size 8 reborn and DJ MO . They had amazing things to tell the public . To the our surprise they were really open to the public telling people their likes and how each one of them has been a great person to one another .

First they started by telling people who is mess between the two of them . Size 8 said that in matters of cars she is mess because she is not patient with the machine but wow her husband is the best in cars matters and he drives very. Well . If they have a long journey the best drive is Muraya or Dj MO because he drives very well . Considering his comments he says that he has been driving for long . Even for some Forces .

Size 8 is the most charming one she has more jokes than Dj MO and she says that she is the one lighten up the home by making her jokes and making use of her humourous nature .

To fans surprise Dj MO asked size 8 on a date on his birthday and it turned out a blessed day because now they are together happily . During the date Dj MO Made a move and as the days went by they become lovers .

Through the interview and through fans comments one can infer that Dj MO has more friends and fans . This is evident during his birthdays many people show up . To the contrary size 8 has less friends and she comments that Dj MO is best husband she has and that she does not need many friends and the fact that she is a married woman she needs to reduce the number of friends .

Size 8 comments that Dj MO does not get sick easily but he fears sickness like hell . When he's sick everyone in the house has to know and acknowledge and they should treat him well because he is sick .

Dj MO did open up and told his wife and the public that he has more ex lovers than size 8 because he was slightly a "play boy " . He commented by saying that man don't cool down . Provided they are handsome and they have money they can have as many ladies .

Lastly Dj MO appreciate his wife because she has been a great person to him . She has been very supportive , caring , romantic , understanding and the list is endless . He thanks the Almighty God for giving him such a sweet wife .

Size 8 cannot stop thanking God for such a loving and caring husband . She says that is sickly and her husband has been a great helper to her and her career . He has always helped her in her albums and everything at large .

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