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Never Despise Humble Beginnings: See The Far These Kenyan Celebrities Have Come From

Most of Kenyan celebrities who are among the prominent people today have risen from extreme poor to extreme riches.

They are source of inspiration to many because despite of humble and challenging beginnings, they never gave up but instead they worked harder and became more determined to defy the odds to become who they are today.

The Kenyan celebrities listed below have one thing in common: They came from poor backgrounds (they had humble beginnings).

Despite the hardships associated with humble beginnings, the following celebrities won the victory and triumphed over challenges to rise to greatness.

1. Larry Madowo

The first one is Larry Madowo. He is a popular and all time seasoned journalist who was born in 1987 Siaya county.

At the age of 14, this was the onset of challenges as he lost both of his parents thus exposing him to challenging life.Photo of Larry Madowo working as an intern in KTN

Madowo is one of the most famous journalists in the world and he has appeared in one of the most famous television network (CNN).Photo: Larry Madowo in prosperous life

After working as a CNN correspondent in Nairobi, he got promotion to work as the network's international correspondent on May 13, 2021.

At the beginning, the road to success for Madowo was not an easy road. It was full of challenges but with much determination and resilience he has managed to be where he is today.

In 2006, he joined Daystar University to pursue a degree in communications which gave him skills required in the media field.

His journey to success commenced when Madowo was working as an intern in Bahasha FM in 2007.

He later joined KTN (Kenya Television Network) as a trainee reporter after which he joined Nation Media Group as a business news anchor.

2 & 3. Lulu Hassan And Rashid Abdallah

The two famous media personalities began from a very low level. They crossed over when they were not fully established in life but hope and determination saw them through to the success.

They started small but today they are ranked as one of the best journalists in Kenya working on Citizen Tv.

Photo: Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah at the beginning.

At first, Lulu Hassan trained as a cabin crew, human resource manager and ticketing officer at Sairene Travel College. Later she got a chance to work with Radio Salaam. This is where she realized her career journey after which she joined college to study Mass Communication and Journalism.

On part of Rashid Abdallah, he pursued Information Technology and Journalism after which he worked with Radio Salaam.

Photo: Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah today.

Later, they parted ways and everyone went to work with a different media company. Later, they met together in Citizen Tv in 2018 where they have shone together.

4. Jalang'o

Felix Oduor, also known as Jalang'o is a media personality who was brought up by his poor parents who were peasant farmers in Homabay county.

Jalang'o was never discouraged by the poor background he came from. Instead, he exploited his ability to make comedy which made a way for him to be the one of the highest paid journalists in Kenya today.

Below are his photos showing a transformation from hard life to a good life today.

Photo: Jalang'o in a low level of lifePhoto: Jalang'o in his prospered life

5. Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru is one of the most successful media personality today. Her success story brings alot of motivation to many.

She was almost depressed when her parents divorced when she was in college. This rendered her almost homeless after her father remarried.

She faced so many challenges but they never broke her bones.

She became more determined and focused which led to her rise.

Below are her photos showing her transformation;

Photo: Julie Gichuru before

Photo: Julie Gichuru in current state

In conclusion, it is not good to give up despite the challenges one faces because life can change for good.

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