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Divorce Affair

Slay Queen Forces Her Cheating Boyfriend To Pay For Her Expensive Plastic Surgery

After he cheated on her for the first time, a lady had her lover pay for pricey plastic surgery.

She admitted to her partner that the only way she would stay with him after being unfaithful was to do that.

Interestingly, after spending a lot of money on the procedure, the man cheated on her again.

The woman, whose TikTok username is @userg01728011, posted a video explaining how she made her unfaithful spouse pay for the pricey plastic surgery.

She added, "I told the guy I would still see him, but he would have to pay for my nose job that I really wanted because he made me feel insecure, and I also didn't want my time to be wasted because what if he cheats on me again.

According to the New York Post, the cost of a nose operation can range from KSh 360,000 to KSh 1.6 million, depending on the surgeon and method.

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