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Elodie Speaks On Her Relationship With Nviiri

Elodie has made things clear to a situation that is surrounding her and Nviiri. "Nviiri and I came to coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other. When I made Mp post it was fueled by tension and an afternoon of a few too many drinks."

She continues, "Neither one of us thought it would be blown out of proportion the it has been. Blogging sites and bloggers have also began to spread misinformation and this is affecting our careers and family lives. Kindly be consinderate on the situation and do not send hate to him or myself. I am sorry if this has painted us to be something we are not. Good content, clothing and music will continue coming from us and our teams"Elodie wrote clarifying everything properly

Their fans have responded and reacted accordingly. Here are comments from fans

" Elodie's drunk and sentimental ass almost cost Nviiri a career he's worked hard to build.She's a privileged little tart while Nviiri grew up in Kayole,raised by a single mum. Now she says her abuse claims were nothing but inebriation-induced rants.See how Feminism is ruining men?"Maverick Aoko reacted

"Elodie joins those other women that keep undoing the work done by the voices of so many victims, these are the people who make that statement about two people that have slept together be constantly used when there are people that are actually being hurt"Another fan identified as Style by Ray said

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