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'Drama' in Bomet As Bees Attack Mourners Of A Woman Killed By Unknown People (Video)

The burial ceremony in Kapmeswendo village in Sotik constituency at Bomet county was cut short when the bees attacked the mourners and they decided to run for their safety simply because they could not withstand the pain of bees stung. According to the source from the area, they revealed that the bees might have attacked the mourners simply because it was disturbed by the music from the burial ceremony but they have to consult the elders about the issue.

However, the burial ceremony might resume later in the evening if the condition will be good but some mourners have vowed not to come back simply because they will have to seek medical attention from the doctor after receiving minor injuries while they running away from the scene. However, some of the residents revealed that it is unusual behaviour for the bees to attack the mourners and they are calling upon the family members to hold a secret talk before they proceed with the burial.

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Bomet Kapmeswendo Sotik


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