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Sultana: Mwanzele Betrays The Villagers

In tomorrow's episode, Mwanzele will meet Major. Major asks him if he dares to step into his house after what they did to him. Mwanzele asks Major for forgiveness and tells him he promised to work for him till death because no one likes him.

Major pulls out a gun and gives Mwanzele some minutes to say what he wants or to do what he did to Maneno. Mwanzele kneels and pleads with Major not to kill him before he tells him something. Sada will be watching them.

Mwanzele will open up to Major that the villagers are planning to attack him and his family any time soon. Mwanzele tells him should take his family away before bad things may happen to them.

Sada will immediately call Babu and informs him to be careful with their plans to attack Major. Sada tells Babu that among them there is a big betrayer by the name of Mwanzele.

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