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Sultana And Salama Unites With Their Family, Kaka To Take Care Of Sultana

Today's episode Salama's family, Mwanzele, Maneno ,Babu Kalo, Zuu and Kaka will visit her. Sultana will be happy to see them and hugs Kaka. Salama welcomes the family to her new house.

Salama and her family will bond and sings together. Sultana will stand and starts dancing as the others sing. Indeed Sultana had missed them and she is happy to unite together.

Later Sultana asks Kaka if anyone asks about her and Kaka tells her it's only Mbuya. Sultana asks if JJ looked for her but Salama finds her and tells her to forget about JJ because is the reason they are hiding themselves. Salama gives Kaka permission to leave with Sultana and to take care of her. Sultana will be happy and Salama tells her to be careful and stay away from Major's family.

Kaka and Sultana will leave and Salama will forget to take Sultana's necklace. She is sure the necklace might be seen by Bi Ua and bring troubles but she has already left .

Kaka and Sultana will reach home and Sultana will demand to be taken at the beaches. Kaka refuses and tells her should obey what's Salama has told them but Sultana will convince him. Kaka will not have other option but to take Sultana at the beaches.

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