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God Is Powerful! See A 3-Year-Old Kid Found In The Middle Of The Ocean All Alone And Alive (Video)

God Is Powerful!See A 3 Year Old Kid Found In The Middle Of The Ocean All Alone And Alive (Video)

To everyone of us who believes in miracles then i guess you all know that God can make and created a way where there is none, in fact God does more to us on a daily basis than we notice, from walking, breathing, eating without getting choked, jumping, going through hard times, God is always with us and watches over us on each and every step of the way.

A video of a 5 year old baby has trended in the western world after she was accidentally or do i say bumped into on luck in the middle of the ocean, clinging on her inflatable unicorn and having her life jacket on. It is unknown of where the baby came from as she was found far away from the shore in the middle of the ocean and all the sharks and dangerous ocean animals alive.

In the video, the travelers on their ferry were seen talking after spotting something unique from a distance only for them to get into action after realizing it was indeed a scared caurageous baby whom they saved immediately. What do you think would have happened if night had fall and she slept off, or what do you think you think would have happened if they didn't bump into him? Watch the scary video below.

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