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[PHOTOS] Meet Kenyan Socialite Who Is Earning More Than Uhuru's And Ruto's Salaries Combined

Sherlyne Anyango. [Photo | Courtesy]

Gone are the days when traditional professions that require technical training were the only job opportunities that pay handsomely.

The emergence and rise of the entertainment industry have given birth to new opportunities that have proven to pay even more handsomely than some of the top professions.

A recent confession by Kenyan socialite Sherlyne Anyango left many surprised as she revealed just how much celebrities are milking from the internet.

Sherlyne Anyango. [Photo | Courtesy]

Sherlyne shot into fame after she participated in the controversial COVID club Instagram feed that was being hosted by blogger Xtiandela.

After her participation in the show, she gained a huge number of followers on her social media page specifically Instagram.

In a recent interview with the Kenyan Entrepreneur, Sherlyne Anyanga revealed that she makes up to Sh. 360,000 per night through her Instagram live.

On the Instagram live feeds, the socialite usually entertains her followers through dancing and they, in turn, send her tip-offs.

Sherlyne Anyango. [Photo | Courtesy]

From her revelations, if the socialite was to do Instagram lives daily, then she would pocket approximately Sh.10 million er month.

This is way above what top professions such as politics pay.

A Kenyan President for Instance, according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, earns Sh.1,650,000 as a basic salary.

President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto. [Photo | Courtesy]

His deputy on the other hand receives Sh.1,487,500 monthly basic salary.

Even if the salary of both the President and his deputy were combined, it would not get anywhere near what the socialite bags.

This is, however, theoretical as the socialite does not perform every single night.

Click here to watch the video.

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