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Zora: " Kwame And Zalena In Big Trouble" Drunkard Yola Confesses The Truth About Alma's Death

In today's episode Yola will be at Chibale's house very drunk, she will be happy to find them together. Yola says that she has being wanting to tell them a secret and today she has come to confess it. Everybody will be keep listening.

Yola says that Kwame killed Alma with his own bear hands after Alma found them cheating on her matrimonial bed. Yola tells them that Zalena covered the all truth and that's why she planned the wedding between Yola and Kwame two weeks after the death of Alma. Lorreta will stand and says that she knew Kwame killed Alma and Oliver.

Kwame will tell Yola to give a prove because she lying but Madiba will interrupt him. Madiba says that since he has known for along time she is saying the truth. Lorreta tells Milton that Kwame killed his father and Alma because Oscar said that Alma's death was framed and Zalena is a big devil. Milton will says that Yola doesn't know what she is talking about but Lorreta tells him that drunkard person never says lies and they should take her to police station to confess. Milton will say they should wait for her to be sober so she can confess again but Lorreta tells them she will take her to the police station and she will be sober there.

Everybody will look at Lorreta but she will decide to leave and see Alma's father. Yola will tell them that she has said the truth and she is not scared to rot in jail. She will tell Zalena and Kwame it's jail time and she will leave. The discussion will be over.

Zalena and Kwame are now in big trouble because the truth is revealed.

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