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Mixed Reaction After Njugush Confesses Openly That Avril Is His Crush

Njugush is known for his ability to joke around with serious matters. Even in serious matters, Njugush always finds a way to twist the matter around and make a joke out of it.

In his latest post njugush made the effort to try and humiliate his wife by posting a picture of the two of them from since they were in college, telling the world how his wife used to hang the pictures in the wall.

The pictures, considering their standard of living then and now, seemed like an inside joke about their humble beginning.

His fellow artist bashed njugush for how he looked.

Avril, Also commented in the same and she was against what njugush had written and whatever he was trying to insinuate.

Njugush was offended by Avril's comment and went on to ask her, " crush, will you also throw stones at me?"

Netizens have hillarious reaction to this confession. Check the reaction down below

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