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I'm the wrong person to control darling! Tanasha to Mama Diamond

Everyone and their aunties know that Diamond Platnumz is a mama's boy.

Him and his mother, Sandra Kassim, are like peas in a pod. Inseparable.

Sandra who is also known by the street moniker Mama Dangote has been accused on several occasions of being the reason Diamond's relationships have died a natural death.

In a Wednesday night interview with True Love CEO Carole Mandi Tanasha shed light on what it is like to date a mama's boy.

Asked what advise she has for women dating mama's boys.

Tanasha was very diplomatic with her response.

"First, all mothers should be respected. At the end of the day. It gets to a point they get a little controlling and that is where you have to set your own boundaries.

"And let them know, I'm the wrong person to control, darling. It all boils down again to what is best for you?"

Adding, "Don't disrespect anyone's mother. Never disrespect anyone's mother.

"Try and set the boundaries in a respectful way. And do so in the beginning of the relationship"

Tanasha advised that if the boundaries are still not working and their is no progress in the relationship,

"Look deep within yourself and ask, 'Are you willing to put up with this BS? Or I'mI gonna leave?'

Tanasha also threw shade at how Diamond handled her disagreements with Mama Dangote.

She said, "He or she should also take initiative and say, 'Hey look! This is my woman/man do not cross certain boundaries or make them feel uncomfortable."

On the day that Tanasha decided to leave Diamond, it is reported that Mama Dangote wanted to take baby Naseeb into her care.

The altercation saw Mama Dangote's husband step in and stop Diamond's mother from doing so.

This has caused a rift between Mama Dangote and her youthful hubby, Rally Jones.

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